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We are committed to providing training and development opportunities for all employees, equally.

1. Induction - Welcome to Groove Donuts

The induction introduces new employees to the company culture, policies and processes. 

2. Restaurant Basics

This training package equips new employees with the basic knowledge necessary to perform well in the initial weeks and orient themselves with the company’s focus on cleaning & sanitation.

3. Food Handler Training

Free access to the Foot Handler training through FoodSafe Online is provided by entering the discount voucher FSJOOND359 on the payment page.

The operation of a food business requires that all staff carry out their work in ways that ensure that the business produces safe food. All staff must have a good understanding of the risks to food safety and the appropriate knowledge of safe food handling practices.

If you have already completed this training then you can skip this section and just provide us with your certificate.

4. Product Knowledge

Product knowledge training is a learning program that includes all the information about our products to help you provide great customer service and to perform better in your job.

5. Barista Course

We work with one of Perth’s best certified hospitality trainers who has developed a barista course that maximizes practice, incorporating a wealth of knowledge, tips and tricks for you to become a great Barista. Training is done in small classes, to produce fantastic coffee, fast, without compromising quality or customer service.